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Home > U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement
Korea Free Trade Agreement

arrow What is the KORUS FTA?

    - Agriculture and the KORUS FTA

    - U.S. Agricultural Trade with Korea



arrow How the KORUS Benefits U.S. Exporters

    - Navigating the Agreement

    - Chapters Relating to Agriculture

    - Full Text of the Agreement


arrow What is the Tariff on My Products

    - How to determine Tariffs under the KORUS FTA(Steps1-5)

    Step 1. Determine whether your product qualifies

              - Rules of Origin FAQ
              - Country of Origin Certification FAQ

    Step 2. Identify Harmonized Tariff Code

    Step 3. Identify Duty Reduction Schedule

    Step 4. Understanding Tariff-rate Quotas

              - TRQ 2012 Allocations
              - TRQ 2013 Allocations
              - TRQ 2014 Allocations
              - TRQ Status Report
      Step 5. Understanding Safeguards
              - Safeguard Status Report

arrow Learn More about the Korean Market for your Products!

    - Korean Market Overview

    - Exporter Business Tips

    - Market Reports on Korea

    - Monthly Korea Trade Statistics

arrow Who Can Help Me?

    - Services Available from FAS Seoul

    - USDA Cooperators in Korea

    - American Chamber of Commerce (Korea)

    - US Embassy - Business and Trade

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