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Home > Market Information > Korea's Agricultural Import Statistics
Korea's Agricultural Import Statistics
1. Korea Customs Office Data (CIF value basis)
Note: This data tracks value and volume of products customs cleared into South Korea from the world versus from the U.S. The CIF value is inclusive of freight and insurance cost for the product shipped to the port of entry in Korea.

arrow KOTIS Statistics (Monthly)

2. Quarterly Import Trend Presentation (based on Korea Customs Office Data)
Note: This quarterly presenation provides quick overview on Korea's agricultural imports of key product categories.

arrow Quarterly Import Trends Presentation

3. USDA/FAS Data (FOB value basis)
Note: This data tracks value of American products that departed the export port in the U.S. for South Korea. Some of the products may not eventually enter into South Korea but could stay in the duty free area in South Korea partly for processing/re-export to a third country (in this case, the product would not be recognized by the Korean Customs Office as a product imported into Korea). The FOB value is inclusive of freight cost for the product shipped to the export port in the U.S.

arrow USDA/FAS Data (BICO Trade Data)

arrow USDA/FAS Global Agricultural Trade System (GATs)

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