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JR Preece Inc./Jerry Preece Farms (Animal Feed)




JR Preece Inc. (Jerry Preece Farms) 

2396 W Vaughn Rd, El Centro, CA 92243 

Contact:  Jerry Preece Jr / Farm Owner & Ivan G (Export)

Phone: 323-300-0739 (Ivan)

Email: farm@jrpreece.com

Web:  www.jrpreece.com 


Company Profile

·         History & ownership: Jerry Preece Jr. is the third generation of farmers in his family and began his own farm in 1979. The foundation for our success lies in long-standing relationships with our customers.  They depend on us to deliver the right quality for the right price, so we strive for excellence in every area from growing to harvesting to delivery.  Our reputation reflects exactly who we are...and every day our customers see our reputation on display in the way we run our business.

·         Business/product portfolio:  Our primary crops are Alfalfa Hay,  Bermuda Grass Hay, Kleingrass  (Klein Grass) Hay, Oaten Hay (Oat Hay) and Sudan Grass.  We pride ourselves in growing hay of the finest quality.

·         Status of distribution in the U.S. and/or export to foreign markets:  We export worldwide


Products to Offer 

·         Product Name:  Animal Feed (Alfalfa Hay/ Bermuda Straw/Bermuda Grass Hay/Klein Grass Hay/Oaten Hay - Oat Hay)

·         Product Specification/profile:  Supreme, Premium, Good (Number 1), Fair (Number 2) Qualities

·         Country of Origin: United State of America (Southern California)

·         Suggested Export Price: To be determined.

·         Photo or brochure of the product: See attached (in Korean)



Target Korean Buyers: 

We, JR PREECE INC (JERRY PREECE FARMS) are an actual farm grower located in Southern California USA. We farm about 10,000 acres of land and we have been in the export business for over 15 years.  We have committed our export to handle high-density big bales hay/grass (700-800kgs per bale) which is the future of keeping the cost of feed as low as possible. We have partnered with Krone Company for the past 15 years in developing the ultimate bailing machine to avoid the cost of double compression. In the past couple of years, we have finally developed the 8-string baler which keeps the bales super tight/safe for storage and avoids any possible breakage during loading and offloading the product from a container. We are fully capable of maximizing the container weight and cutting the cost of the double compression process which is the key to successfully reducing the cost feed.  We strongly believe Korean customers could highly benefit by working with us as a direct farm-to-farm and substantially reducing the imported feed cost.


There are 2 major reasons why single-compressed high-density big bales are the way of the future.

1. PRICE - Importers will easily save $30-50/MT from the entire process avoiding double compression by converting to use single compressed big bales.


2. QUALITY - The Single Compression does not break leaves/stems or cause any leaves/stems to be compressed to a polder. This helps to preserve all nutrients inside the bale.


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